Centralised World Economy – Has it Worked?

The Bretton Woods (New Hampshire) meeting in July 1944 positioned The us of America at the middle of the planet economy. It did so by adopting the White Approach for the entire world overall economy in excess of a approach set forward by British economist Maynard Keynes. Keynes required a world reserve currency known as … Read more

The Truth About the Economy Will Set You Free!

There’s very little time so I’ll come to the heart of the matter; there is a financial firestorm preparing and in the event that you are not prepared there is a decent possibility you will be expended in the strife. This firestorm will show no mercy and isn’t a respecter of people. That implies that … Read more

World’s Financial System in Limbo – What to Expect!

In my recent article about investor protection and financial market size, I emphasized the world’s financial system being made up of a cluster of market-based and bank-based financial systems. I reiterated that whilst the U.S. and U.K. financial systems are predominantly market-based, that of Germany and some other European countries are bank-based. Now, whatever system … Read more